Thursday, May 31, 2012

1st Day of Break

Yesterday was my first day of summer break- wahoo! 

To be honest, it wasn't much different than a normal day around here but my shoulders felt a little lighter and there was a little spring in my step. Here's what we did:

1- Taking care of flowers- trying to keep everything watered and it rained last night! yay! 
2- We headed up to Ames to visit with a friend and buy her daughter's sandbox from her. Michael loves it! 
3 & 5- After getting the sandbox we went to Lowe's to get some play sand...and so much fun for a little boy to pull a cart around!
4- Memorial day fun (just in with the mix today)
6- On our way home from Ames we headed to the cemetery to check on Trace's things and his little pot of flowers is going strong! The cemetery looked amazing with all the decorations on every stone. 
7- Early morning skies on the way to my last day of school (work day on Tuesday)
8- A little panorama of the backside of my house with my hosta bed. I'll have to share real pictures with you soon!
9- Big boy with a new haircut!

Our first day of summer break ended with a quick trip to the Y for Michael and I and then he headed to a birthday party for a friend and I headed up to Boone for the first municipal band concert of the summer season. A busy day for sure...I am hoping today is a little more low key!

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