Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's May

Hi, do you like how late I am in doing my first post for May? I feel like if I don't post anything in May, maybe May won't exist? 

Trace's birthday is next week and as much as I think of that day as one of the best days of my life, I am still having a really hard time with it. I hate how May is normally such a beautiful time full of hope and promise and my May will always be one that is bittersweet and tinged with sadness. I want to tell you that I've been keeping busy and doing all sorts of productive things around here but I'm not, really. I'm just trying to get through each day as it comes and hopefully not do too much damage along the way. Mostly I've been really tired but I think it is more about being emotionally drained than physically exhausted. 

So there you have it....that is what I've been doing so far in May. I hope your month is off to a better start than mine is! 


  1. Rose, I have been thinking of you a lot as Trace's birthday approaches. It is hard to know the right words to say, but please know how sorry I am that you and your family have to go through this. You have our thoughts and prayers and you travel this difficult journey, and I know lots of other people are thinking about you to and praying for your broken hearts. God bless your sweet son, he will not be forgotten.
    Lindsay Hovden

  2. The birthday anniversaries are so hard. Thinking of you as Trace's birthday nears.

  3. It's hard to believe he would have been 1 this month. I wish you had him there with you to celebrate, but sad you all will have to settle for distant memories of his beautiful birth day :-(


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