Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meredith's Bridal Shower

My brother is getting married this summer to a really nice girl. Everyone in the whole family is very excited for them and it is such a happy time. I wanted to throw her a little shower with my brother's side of the family to kick the celebrating off and it was lots of fun to plan. 

 Cream Cheese mints and special occasion Goettler cookies | cakes in a jar for guests to take home as favors | lemonade and iced tea out of mason jar glasses with fun straws | a delicious cake from Carefree Cupcake | the food | the menu 

Paper dot garland | lots of tissue fans and balls for decor | memory table with family portraits (saved from my wedding) | more tissue balls | yellow tulips (from Costco, so beautiful!) | the kitchen set up | more tissue decor | entry way table with enlarged framed invite and guestbook | decor 

The theme was kitchen shower with yellow and mason jars. Does that even make sense? lol. 

Every guest brought a special recipe for Meredith to put in her new recipe binder and we also wrote "recipes" for a happy marriage as a way for people to give advice to the bride. We played a the apron memory game where the bride wore an apron with kitchen things on it and tested the guests memory and also played a Newlywed game where I videotaped my brother answering some questions that we also asked Meredith. It was super funny and a good way to "play" a game that was easy for the guests.

Mom and Denise helped me host the shower and also Meredith's good friend Shila helped too. It really takes a lot of people to pull off a little party!!

(one more cake shot....yum-- can you guess my favorite part?) 

I hope everyone had a good time and that Meredith felt special. I think getting married is such a special time in a girl's life and they deserve a little pampering and celebrating (especially Meredith since she is marrying my brother of all people...just kidding, we love him!). I am so happy to be able to open my home to friends and family and show them a little love and warmth. 

Stay tuned for more wedding fun....the wedding is in July and Michael gets to be the ring bearer!!  

.....funny story, Michael was being so good when we were getting everything ready for the shower. He really wanted a cupcake from the case at the bakery when we went to pick up the cake the day before the shower and I kept telling him that we were going to have a party the next day and he could have some cake then. When people started coming he really thought the party was for HIM and that he was going to have "party cake with candles on it" for HIM. The poor guy had to stay in the basement the whole time but luckily great grandpa and Uncle John were there to entertain him. I just love his little two year old perspective on life. :o)

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