Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden 2012 update

Even though I've been a bit behind in posting garden updates, rest assured I've been out there working nearly every day. So much work is still to be done that I haven't taken very many photos yet but it is slowly but surely coming together. 

Our newest addition is our square "foot" veggie garden. I didn't follow a square foot plan, I just kind of shoved lots of things into the raised garden beds we bought from Home Depot. I think we will have quite the harvest and I'm sure it will be overgrown in no time! We planted three tomatoes, mini peppers, three green peppers, a whole bunch of zucchini seeds (which will be thinned out), cucumber seeds, and some herbs. I also did some herbs in my regular perennial bed and I think they will be a nice addition once they start to get a little bigger.

Michael has been doing a pretty good job of entertaining himself while I'm outside working. His favorite things to play with are dirt and the water hoses. Yesterday he spent a good 20 minutes turning the hose on and off at the spigot while I took advantage of his interest and tore up the nearby perennial bed.

Mom and I went plant shopping the days she was here over Trace's birthday. We got lots of nice things I can't wait to share with you....as soon as I get them all in the ground. I always get a little too ambitious at the plant store but I hate always running back for more. It seems like I can always find a little space to squeeze in a special plant! :o) I hope you are enjoying these nice sunny days as much as I am!

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