Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May St. Paul Visit

I'm trying to wrap up all my May activities actually in the month of May so here goes...

We headed up to the Twin Cities early in May for Scott to play in a hockey tournament and also visit with Scott's sister's family that lives in St. Paul. It was a really beautiful weekend and a nice chance to get away from home. 

Scott's men's team played in the Walleye Chop Classic tournament, played 3 games in two days. It was a lot of hockey! Michael did really well during the games and had lots of fun running around and entertaining the other fans. He was also excited to see the Zamboni clean the ice before and after each game. He would say, "'Boni coming! Clean ice!"

See that big crack between the bench and the wall? I talked to Michael about it and how if he dropped McQueen, he would be gone forever. There was no way to retrieve a fallen down from down there. He did pretty well being careful but he lost him at the end of the 2nd game. I felt so bad for the poor guy! He knew instantly that McQueen was gone forever and he wasn't coming back. We survived the rest of the trip just fine without him and I had a backup once we got home. It was a good lesson to learn...Michael will still talk about how that McQueen is gone forever. It just makes my heart break! 

We had plans to spend the weekend with our niece and her family but due to a bad accident earlier in the week, our little Ellie broke her elbow and was in the hospital until Saturday night! We did do a quick visit with her at the hospital but we were so sad she wasn't feeling like herself. She is a trooper!

After our hospital visit, we headed to Como Park Zoo for a little outing. It was a beautiful day and it was PACKED so we were just there for a little bit. We ate lunch at the little restaurant they had and I think that was the best part. 

Can anyone say mini-Scott? We were stopped two times by strangers that told us how much Michael looked like his dad that weekend. So funny! I need to get them matching outfits or something. 

Besides lunch, my other favorite part was the polar bear exhibit. Michael liked it too! 

Scott's sister had us over for a Mother's Day brunch at their house Sunday morning and it was nice to see everyone and get to hang out for a bit. Ellie was still feeling a little under the weather but she had lots of fun playing with Scott's ipad!! Fruit ninja was a hit for sure. 

Michael had lots of fun exploring all the new toys Ellie had at her house. Isn't that just the funnest thing when you are a kid? 

It was a great weekend and hopefully we can see family again when our little Ellie is feeling better!

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  1. Oh man, Isaac would be despondent if he lost one of his McQueen's! Poor Michael. I'm glad he handled it well. Bummer about your niece and that Como was packed. :(


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