Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Boy

Can someone please tell my baby to stop growing so fast into a little boy?
He is changing before my eyes and I don't like it one bit! 

He is growing so much every day and his little face is changing before my eyes. He is losing that baby look. 

He is not only growing as a boy but his little mind is growing too. I can tell we are moving closer to 3 as he has no problem telling me what his opinion is. His favorite thing to do is to tell me which way to go when we are driving and when to stop and go at lights. He knows his little routine and when it is time to read books and when it is time for the library and when it is time for the super packed day of library and Y time which he affectionately calls "Y-brary time". 

I love to catch him playing so intently by himself but I love it when he asks me to "play with me, mommy". How can you resist?

I am so excited for summer when we can have lots of adventures together outside and with friends. Please come quickly, summer break!!

1 comment:

  1. It has to be the age as B is the same way - "turn dat way" or "we go dis way" when we're at a stoplight or stop sign. I can't believe the boys will be 3 already!


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