Monday, August 29, 2011

An instagram tour through girls weekend

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Girls Weekend!

We had a great time in Kansas City. It was very relaxing and I had a great time being away from home for a bit. I had to haul some extra stuff along with me so I didn't want to add to the load by bringing my big camera and so we have another post full of my cell photos....sorry. Can you tell this is a reoccurring theme in my life lately?

Lots of fun was had shopping, browsing, and eating. We stayed right by the County Club Plaza and it was nice to be central to our entertainment options. Our hotel was also close to the Westport area where we spent Saturday night eating Thai food and singing at a piano bar. We got all loaded up in the car and got the address into the GPS and then we drove to Westport and realized we were only a few blocks away and could still see our hotel!

I tried to drink a beer at every meal....I am terrible!

My favorite purchase was a pair of sandals from The Walking Store. The sales guy was good and totally sold me on them but now that I've worn them non stop for two days I can attest to their awesomeness!

We did lots of eating and my favorite places were Blanc Burgers + Bottles and The Melting Pot. At the Melting Pot we did a cheese course, salads, and then CHOCOLATE. It was so good I had dreams about it that night- I would definitely recommend it! It was so fun to be out and able to enjoy a meal without kids. I do love them but it was nice to have a break!

Now we are back to it with another week already in full swing. Only a few more days until Cyclone football kicks off!

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