Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We were at Scott's parents' house this weekend for a little visit so they could see the boys. Scott actually rode another day of RAGBRAI with his brother and his kids but we didn't go visit so I don't have any photos to share. Margie and I hung out with the boys and went downtown for their little town festival and actually got there just in time for a little parade! I think Michael has seen about 3 parades this summer and has loved all of them. We did a little shopping and Margie had fun showing off her newest grandchildren. It is so funny to be back in the town where my husband spent the early years of his childhood.

The rest of the weekend was just spent relaxing and playing with cousins. It is so fun to see Michael with his older cousins. I'm glad we get to see them fairly often especially since our extended family is pretty small.

Scott's parents just finished their new addition but it is not quite furnished yet which made a great area for the kids to play and to run!

Michael was so worn out from all the commotion he slept every time we were in the car and even slept in one morning when we got home!

I love the vintage Fisher-Price sets....I think they are always so fun. My grandma had one when I was little, too!

And as usual, Trace spent alot of time snoozing and snuggling!

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  1. I love the purple alien. LOL. Looks like a lot of fun visiting family. Chloe always has a good time with her older cousins.


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