Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playing catch up

It's official- we are back in the swing of things! School has started and I have the first day under my belt. I think it is going to be a great year but it has made for a busy, busy week (and it's only half over!)

So...I'm catching up today.

We went back to the fair last week to spend some time with my family. The above photo is from our previous visit, but it was too sweet to share! Also...that tractor costs more than our HOUSE.

We got a chance to visit with my grandparents (hi!) and they were doing great. We ate breakfast at the cattlemen's tent and it was nice and quiet. I love being at the fair before all the hustle and bustle of the day gets started.

Michael spent at least an hour (probably more) running and playing in the fountains. We brought his swimsuit and he was just having a blast- yelling and laughing the whole time.

My mom stayed with the boys for two days this week while I was at meetings. Those are long days for everyone and I'm glad she came to help. I think it went well and it paid off because today Trace had an excellent day at daycare!

Our provider said, "Did you say he had trouble taking a bottle?" ...because he took two bottles with no problems for her and then took another one from me when we got home. Yay!! I knew he could do it!

It feels good to be over those hurdles and getting ready for the next. Here's to a smooth rest of the week!

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