Friday, August 19, 2011

Trace: Three Months

Trace, you are now three months old! Wow!

You are a busy bee and love playing with your toys. You have just started to be able to grab things and you love to kick your legs. You like to "sing" and "talk" and love to smile when people look at you. You are growing like a weed and I love how chubby you are getting. You love to watch Michael when he is playing and I think you will have a grand time going to daycare starting next week.

You are getting entirely too big, too fast and I wish you'd stay little!

We love you very much!


  1. I love the photo of Trace in the basket by the reeds!

  2. Finally a picture of you, Rose! :) Wish I could hold sweet little Trace!

  3. Those eyes are so blue!! Frame the picture with you and the boys...that's a keeper!

  4. I love the photos of him in the basket. Chloe's first Halloween I put her in a pumpkin and was able to take a few picks before she lost her cool. I wished I had thought to put her in more things to show how small she was. Congrats on making it to 3 months. He is beautiful.


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