Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Things

A couple of things are blooming in my yard and it makes me so happy. It is such a nice reminder that yes, winter is actually over and warmer days are here to stay. I love how much my yard changes every day and Michael and I are having lots of fun outside taking care of things.

Crab apple tree getting ready to bloom.

Some hostas fanning out. I planted a ton of new ones last year so I am excited to see how they look in their second year.

Plumeria blooming.

Michael is such a big helper outside. He is pretty good at staying close by and finding something to do. Unfortunately, finding something to do for him usually involves the hose and MUD! Every time we've gone out this week we've had to strip him down and throw everything in the washer as soon as we got inside. I need to find a good pair of hose-able shoes for him to wear outside so we can save his real tennis shoes a little wear and tear.

We have lots to do on our list between now and the 17th! We'll keep you updated!

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