Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Visitors & Other Happenings

Our house has been very busy the last week or so! We've had lots of visitors drop by to say hi to Trace and to see everyone. It is so nice!

My grandparents and my aunt came to visit last week. It was great to see them and they really enjoyed meeting Trace. While we were eating lunch, Grandma told us the story about how she had our aunt when she was 19 years old. Her and Grandpa were working at a boy scout camp on the Mississippi River and had to leave in the middle of the night to go to the hospital. Can you even imagine? Grandma, you should write your stories down sometime! :o)

Later in the week, my sister came to watch Michael during the day for me. The hardest part of recovery has been not being able to lift my big boy! You don't realize how much you do it until you can't anymore. So far we've been doing good, but there hasn't been hardly any times when I alone with both boys. If I have to change Michael's diaper, I have him lay down on his bed. If he needs a snack and Scott isn't around to lift him, I just give it to him in his snack cup and he can eat while playing. It's not ideal but it works.

Anyway, Denise was so good with Michael. She was so patient and played with him for hours. He really likes her!

Michael has been busy too- playing in the water with Grandma.

side note- how awesome does this pot look? It is all stuff I dug up from other parts of my yard that I was going to throw away. It's doing really well in the pot!

Michael has also been taking some bike rides with Scott in his new bike trailer.

Scott has only had one incident so far with the bike trailer- Michael threw up all over himself after going on a short trail ride. I think he was really fine, but still we all felt bad. :o( Poor guy!

And since you've stuck with me this far....

a little baby picture for you! :o)

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