Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting ready for baby...

I can't quite put my finger on it, but getting ready for a baby sure has a different feel this time around. Is the fact that I now have a little boy who requires my full attention and care? Is it that I just have that much less energy? Is that that I know what to expect and thus how better to prepare?

I am hoping it is a combination of all these things. Today was a great day and I felt like I got a lot of loose ends wrapped up. Scott and I headed to church this morning and afterwards did a big grocery store run to get everything else we would need for the next two weeks. I made a master meal plan with my freezer meals and things my mom could eat while she is staying at our house and we just needed to pick up some things to fill in the blanks. Like we are having enchiladas one night, so I needed to get chips and on and so forth. We also picked up extra snacks for Michael to have on hand and some things for Scott to eat while he's staying in the hospital with me.

After a nice two hour nap for Michael and I, I finally got the extra dresser situated in the nursery. I pulled out all of Michael's winter clothes and outgrown stuff and put it away in storage bins and then I pulled out all of the itty-bitty baby clothes. Luckily, I had most of my gender neutral stuff in one bin, but I can't find my bin of little boy clothes! Maybe we are having a girl though and I won't have to worry about it?? Tomorrow I will get everything put away the way I want it so it is ready to go.

I've also been running load after load of seems like it is never ending. I washed all of our bedding, then the sheets we had on our bed while they other ones were being washed, towels, Michael's clothes and tomorrow I will get the rest of it so we can go to the hospital with no dirty laundry in the house! Am I the only one who is weird like that?

Scott also kept Michael for a few hours on Saturday while I went to a baby shower for a friend. She is having a little girl and got so many cute little girl and cyclone things! I was jealous! Afterwards I got a much needed pedicure and did some browsing at the mall. My feet were in horrible shape, it was embarrassing. I'm surprised they didn't charge me extra! I felt like all eyes were on my belly at the mall so I must be looking like it is time. One lady even said at me "She looks like she is due any day!". Yes...I am. Thanks.

We also got newborn portraits scheduled and I am really looking forward to them. Our photographer does beautiful work and I'm glad we decided to spend the money on them because we were really on the fence about it. I told Scott that we would do these instead of family photos this summer so I hope he holds me to my word!

My sister graduated from high school yesterday and we had to miss all the festivities. I thought a long car ride would be too much for all of us and plus I don't really feel like a whole bunch of people seeing me in all my glory at 9 months pregnant! My sister is awesome and I think she has a really bright future ahead of her. I am really happy she is going to ISU and I think she will have a great time!!

I guess that is enough rambling for tonight...thanks for listening to me. I am excited for tomorrow and of course excited for the big day on Tuesday! :o) I hope we can keep busy today because I have a feeling it is going to be a long day!

And if you've stuck with me this even further, here are some photos from my iphone!

Big boy haircut- all ready to meet the new baby!

Test-driving the new double stroller!

Salvia are blooming! Yay!

Watching dad mow the lawn is an endless source of fascination...for Michael, not so much for me.

It was really beautiful out last night. Can you tell which one of our trees is dead? Yikes! We are hopefully getting it replaced this week or next.


  1. Very productive weekend!! Sounds like you have just about everything covered and are ready to meet your newest addition. Exciting!

  2. I love the new header, Rose! Can't wait to see an added pic with Trace. Hope you found your boy clothes :)

    I hear you on the endless laundry. And on making sure there is none left when you leave (vacation, hospital stay, etc)!!!

    You should have someone take a free 'unprofessional' family photo this summer for you. I'd offer but a little too far away... So happy your new little boy arrived safely! Hope all is well!

  3. Congratulations on your new addition Rose! He is beautiful!

    And I can't believe Denise just graduated from high school! But how awesome that she will be going to school so close by.


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