Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday Funday

Wow- it has been the best weekend! This weather has been such a blessing and we've been enjoying it to the fullest.

We had a nice Mother's Day with early church and then breakfast out afterward. I played at the early service and when I walked in everyone acted so surprised to see me--I guess it wasn't such a good idea to skip rehearsal earlier this week! I think they all thought I had the baby. I figured I better play one last time before I take a break for a few months.

Michael has a new water table that he loves. I like that he can still mess around with the water but not have the commitment of a pool. So far he's played with it every day since we've had it!

We also finally bought him some summer sandals. I hope these do the trick! I think he just looks so cute in them.

As you can tell...Michael loves being outside and always finds something to check out!

Even Scampy had to get in on the action! He's been wanting to go outside lots more, so I think it will be a good summer for everyone. He even spent a whole night outside....I will blame that one on my pregnancy brain!

And finally, a few hosta photos! :o)

I love watching them pop up and then unfurl their leaves. These guys are big ones and are big and fat like cigars.

I love the wrinkly ones...they remind me of a quilt.

Have I mentioned before that I love this time of year?

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