Thursday, May 5, 2011


Michael and I had so much fun yesterday visiting the nursery. It smelled so good inside and everything was so bright and happy. It was bliss.

I was nervous about how I was going to buy plants and wrangle Michael without a stroller or a cart but he did so well. There was a big dog for him to say hi to and he had lots of fun pulling the wagon. Luckily he did not touch any of the plants or rip flowers off- this is a big step for him!

This place had the most beautiful sweet potato vine. I bought 10 pots....and I might go back for more. Yes, I am an addict. You'll understand why once summer hits- it is so beautiful!

In other husband's baby was delivered today. His ipad finally arrived! I think he was more excited about the delivery of this rather than our own child that will be here soon. :o)

It is pretty cool, I am excited to start using it! I told him I called it between the hours of 11pm-6am...can't wait (har, har).

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  1. That Nursery looks amazing! The closest places we have to buy plants is Lowes & Home Depot. We have to drive a ways to get to an actual Nursery and even those are nothing like the one you have pictures.

    I am currently trying to ween my self from the stroller. It is hard when you are still carrying around a diaper bag and a bunch of other things. I am starting to just leave the bag in the car and going back to it if we need it.


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