Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Developments

Michael's newest development is pushing our kitchen chair to anywhere he wants to go and getting right into whatever he wants to get into! This is a familiar sight I see often:

At least I can give him credit for being resourceful, right? There isn't a lot he can get into on the countertops, except for our cooktop which has lots of fun buttons. I am so thankful for the "control lock" feature!

We've had a whirlwind past 24 hours here with Michael refusing to nap yesterday and to go to bed last night. I think it ranks right up there with one my hardest days of parenting ever. I spent almost 3 hours trying to get him to fall asleep!! I think we are really spoiled after having a good sleeper for over a year. We're not ready for a newborn yet!!!
Poor Michael was so tired today and luckily Scott got him to take a nice long nap while I took one also. We all woke up a bit happier and had fun making cookies. Maybe they helped the happiness factor, also? I'm hoping this sleep strike is just a day long thing and nothing more serious.

Running, running, always running!

An ton of geese have been visiting our pond over the last few weeks. Michael likes to see what they are doing and can say "geese!". I am hoping a few of them are laying eggs (do they do that this early?) because I love the fluffy little goslings that are born in the spring. I feel like usually we have a few geese families that hang around.

I am ready for some green grass!! Anyone with me?


  1. I could go for some green grass!! Hopefully we are done with the snow!

    Michael is such a cutie..hopefully he gets back into his regular routine of napping!

  2. naplessness makes parenting even more challenging -- sweet dreams for michael this week! i love the photos by the window :) we can't wait for green grass and spending the afternoon outside!


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