Monday, March 21, 2011

Friends Weekend Recap

Since our weekends are gradually winding down before we'll be a family of four, we took the free weekend we had and invited friends to stay for the weekend!

It was super fun and I had a great time. Thanks everyone for making the trip to our house! We did a lot of relaxing, some wii dancing, and lots of eating. On Saturday I had my neighbor girl come over to watch Michael and we got out of the house for a little bit to walk around the downtown sculpture park and see a movie. It felt so nice to be out without Michael! I think I am spoiled after having two days to myself over spring break week.

The group (minus Scott and I)!

I had never been to the sculpture park before. It was a nice time and we were glad we got some fresh air and a chance to stretch our legs for a bit.

I think you can probably tell which sculpture was my favorite!

We saw the movie "The Adjustment Bureau" and I recommend it to anyone! We went to a nice local theater which was much better than fighting the crowds and the teenagers at the mall. Scott and I haven't been there in forever....we really need to get out more!

Thanks for the great time this weekend! :o)


  1. I love that sculpture garden! My favorites are the creepy faces in your last photo.

  2. you have some creative angles for your favorite sculpture! i'm glad you could have date night -- i want to see that movie :) i enjoy reading updates for your pregnancy.


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