Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last football game of the season

Our last football game was a COLD one!! We had a house full of guests all weekend and it was a lot of fun!

Michael having fun with Kelly. He got to stay home and watch the game on TV with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle John.

The last game of the year is our traditional cinnamon rolls and chili game. It was awesome, although I think it took me two weeks to finally finish eating all the chili leftovers!

My excited to get his picture taken. Actually, this is usually the look he is giving me. :o)

We had a big crowd for our last tailgate which was surprising considering the cold weather! It was nice to have one last hurrah to celebrate the end of the season.

We were watching the Iowa game on the TV and other tailgaters thought it was so cool we could get the game on a TV outside. Scott had a huge antenna to pick it up. Our neighbors next door even said that is what they wanted to do next year!

Even though the Cyclones ended their season with only 5 wins, I was still happy with their performance. We got to see a lot of good games and experience a lot of good heartbreak...isn't that what football is all about?

And also- Thanks, friends, for spending the time with us! Can't wait to do it again in September!

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