Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday Night Holiday Party

Gosh, December is just flying by! Was it really just last weekend we all had Thanksgiving dinner?

We've had a busy week getting the house decorated, groceries bought, family visiting and hosting a party.

We had a little get together with some friends this past Friday night to kick off the holiday season. Really though, it was the only weekend night we had free during the whole month of December. Isn't that crazy? We aren't even busy people or anything! So the whole party was a little last minute and a little early in the season, but it was great to see all of our friends and their kids!

I am so bad at taking photos during parties. Luckily I had everything set up beforehand so I could take some pictures of things before the party (like I forgot to do during Michael's birthday) but then I set my camera down and didn't pick it up the rest of the night. Next time! :o)

I went to Trader Joes (the first one in Iowa!) and stocked up on 3 buck Chuck wine. I sampled all of it and it was really delicious! I highly recommend it!

Have you ever made this sweet Crispix mix? It is addicting. It is almost gone so that is good...I won't be able to make it until next year otherwise I will just eat too much again!

We also had meatballs, cheese tray, crackers, dips, potstickers, pigs in a blanket, and pizza. The best part of having a party is that we've been eating the leftovers all weekend! It's like a party for every meal! :o)

The house is all decorated and now I feel the Christmas spirit coming on a bit more than it was earlier in the week. This week is a busy one with my school concert on Tuesday and rehearsals and a church performance Friday night. I'll keep you updated! I hope you all had a great weekend also!

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