Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A big check off the to do list!

Last night my students and myself pulled off yet another successful winter concert. Phew. It is such a big check off my list!

This semester has been
particularly challenging with my temporary subbing schedule that required me to shift some things around at my main school. The kids missed out on some rehearsal times and instead of me being refreshed and energized to come to school after my days off I was usually harried and worn out from teaching hours of lessons. My kids did nothing but greatly exceed my expectations and I am so thankful for such awesome students.

We had a little "come to Jesus" rehearsal last week where I said if they didn't know their songs by now they needed to figure out some way to get them learned before our concert. Don't get me wrong, most were doing great, but there were a few just hadn't gotten it quite yet.

So, at one lesson yesterday one of my little flute players was doing a fantastic job. I asked her what she had been doing to be playing so well and she said she went home every night last week and practiced an hour until she knew her songs. I was floored! A student actually did what I suggested!! A teaching miracle!

Their hard work paid off and they played their best at the concert last night. It was so fun to hear! I love those moments where I am conducting at a concert and I'm just thinking, "This is great!". Because it is great. :o)

One big check down! One more week of my subbing job, then a few more days of regular teaching then bring on Christmas break!!

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