Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cards!

I love mailing and getting Christmas cards! I wish everyone sent cards to each other all year long instead of just a few weeks in December. It's so fun to see everyone's photos and read their letters about the news in their life. Even if I already know what is going on in their lives, it is still nice to read a letter from them!

Our Christmas card journey started out the way it does every year....trying to update our address database and then print address labels. I don't know why this is so hard for me, but every year it seems like it takes me a whole day and by the time its done, it would have been faster to hand write all the addresses!

Our cards are ones (plus some extras) I won for doing a shutterfly.com promotion. Thanks, shutterfly! They turned out really well and I can't wait to use them again in the future.

I got them mailed out on Monday (a day off of work for me) so hopefully they will be in mailboxes before Christmas!

Michael did great at daycare on Monday, but on Tuesday he came down with a rash so he was home again with dad for a little bit until I came home. He was playing in his chair and I took this photo of him and Scampy.

Doesn't Scampy look sooo happy? He's giving Michael his extra special death stare look.

My tree has also mysteriously lost all the decorations from child-level down. Hmm...

3 days until Christmas!

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  1. your house is beautifully decorated -- i love all of your holiday posts! scampy does not look amused :). i hope michael is feeling better.


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