Monday, December 20, 2010

Sick Days

Michael has been a sick boy the last three days. Luckily it happened to fall on a weekend so we were both able to be home with him for the majority of it.

He woke up Friday morning with a fever and was very sleepy. I ran up to Ames quick and did rehearsal with the kiddos and then I canceled all lessons so I could come home and be with Michael. We did a lot of this:

Hanging out in our itty bitty sweatpants.

Watching PBS kids and snuggling in the big chair.

Being really cranky and crabby.

Watching more TV and snuggling with our favorite blanket.

Playing with noodles to try and get distracted from being so crabby.

We also did lots of snuggling and napping in bed together. Michael never ever wants to snuggle in bed with us so this was a treat! Yesterday when I was at church, Scott said Michael napped in our bed on and off for five hours! He pretty much slept all day yesterday. We tried to take him to the nursery at church last night to see if he wanted to play but he wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily he had a good night's sleep and today he seems to be doing much better, even eating most of his breakfast! Hopefully our little guy is back to his happy self in time for Christmas! We are thankful we are getting this now instead of on Christmas morning!

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