Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let them eat cake!

On Sunday we attended a baby shower for a friend who is having twin boys. I am so excited to meet the new baby boys and I know they are going to be such a great family! :o)

I had a ton of leftover diapers from opened packages that I wanted to pass on, but I wanted a creative way to gift them. I had always wanted to make a diaper cake so....I made one!

I had looked up some tutorials online about how to make them (some you even had to pay to watch a video of how to make a diaper cake...what's up with that?), but I still had a couple tips that helped me so I thought I would share them with you.

First things first.

You need a big plate or serving tray for a base which will help your cake stay secure. I actually found this huge deli tray in my pantry which worked well. It was huge! You could also use a circle of cardboard covered in paper or an actual serving tray.

The second thing is securing some sort of middle piece to your base to wrap diapers around. I've seen lots of things used-big bottles of lotion, a wine bottle or even a basket. I chose a paper towel tube because it was free and I had it! Although by using such a small inner piece, I really used a lot more diapers than I would have if I used something larger. Just an FYI.

I started out trying to secure the diapers together with tape, but I was using a lot of tape and it wasn't really working so I switched to a rubber band instead. This worked so well because the diapers stayed secure and you could add more to the cake while the others still stay in place. Notice that I also used the "fan"method of diapers instead of the rolling method. No way was I going to roll up all those little diapers!

After I had all my layers wrapped around the tube, I covered up the rubber band with some big ribbon from WalMart. It was the perfect size and it also helped the diapers stay together and secure. Notice I secured it with some pearl pins, which I thought looked really pretty. I also used them to secure the various stuff on the cake.

I wanted to put stuff on the cake that they would actually use so I put baby washcloths, baby toy rings, and a Burt's Bee's baby bee care set on the cake.

I hope they liked it because I certainly had lots of fun making it! And I also unloaded two BIG bags of leftover diapers from Michael's closet so yay! :o)

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  1. What an adorable diaper cake. I made on for a centerpiece once, but your is much cuter! Adorable little boy and cute blog!


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