Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Michael!

Today Michael is six months old.

Where did half a year go? What have I been doing this whole time?

Michael is growing up fast and is doing really well. His sleeping has taken a huge turn for the better and as a result everyone in the house is much less crabby. He loves to explore everything and likes to chew on everything. We are still waiting for some little teeth to pop up, but so far he doesn't seem too fussy about it.

Nursing is still going strong, and last night we had our first taste of peas. He loved them! His diaper this morning...I did not love. Wow, who knew that happens?

Babies are full of surprises, I guess. :o)

Our six month appointment isn't for another week, so I will post his stats then. However, doesn't this photo amaze you? Was he really ever that tiny?

(note: we have purchased his new convertible car seat because he is obviously getting too big for his infant one!)

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