Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 Days of Christmas...Projects! no.4

Project no. 4 is not necessarily a DIY crafty holiday project, but it is a necessary holiday project that I do every year!

And that is-drum roll please!-

My Christmas Cards!

I just finished them up this afternoon and I am so jazzed they are done and dropped in the mail. Every year I tell myself I will start them early (one year I actually had them done before Thanksgiving..what's up with that?), but I always procrastinate. I'm not really sure why because I really enjoy working on my cards. I feel like it wouldn't be Christmas without them!
And what is it with Christmas being next week? Are you serious, calendar??

We had a few breakthroughs and set backs this year.

Breakthrough: figuring out how to finally use address labels with my spreadsheet program! Yay!
Setback: reprinting all the letters after my husband spelled blizzard with one z. Blizard. Always proof read, especially if your husband is helping you!

So there you have it-one major project checked off my list!

What are your thoughts on Christmas cards? Do you do a photo? photocard? letter? personal note to everyone?

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