Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alpaca Baby

My grandma just got back from a trip to Peru and this is what she sent Michael in the mail:

How cute, cute, cute is that? My son is a little Peruvian baby!

And how bad of a mother am I to torture my son like this?

The sweater and hat are made of Alpaca wool and it has little booties that go with it too, but were just a little small for Michael.

And in case you are wondering....this bad boy below is an Alpaca:

Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Michael obviously enjoyed the dressing up/photo shoot! So cute! Love the little animals on it :o)

  2. Awww, how cute!!! My best friend gets alpaca yarn from a local alpaca farm where the woman spins the yarn by hand and then crochets with it!

  3. I totally broke a smile at these pics! Super cute!

  4. That sweater is beautiful! What a lucky guy!

  5. Michael shouldn't look like he's in such torture - his clothes are great! Great fashion is always worth a little pain!


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