Monday, July 27, 2015

Ordinary Days

It always seems like we are so busy around here but the truth is we are usually just at home, hanging out. Even that is busy as the girls are everywhere and into everything! And plus they are just so fun it is hard to get anything done. :o) Here are a few photos from our days at home together! 

Brynn, Anna...always looking for something to put in their mouth! Lord knows where they find the tiniest specks of things to eat. 

Anna, looking so sweet after waking up from naptime! 


I love this age where the girls stand and wait for me to come and get them up from nap. They are still warm and snuggly and squishy. They are so busy they usually don't let me snuggle with them but I can sometimes sneak a few in after rest time! They are still little babies but getting bigger every day and I love the way these photos capture them just the way they are. 

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