Thursday, July 16, 2015

July Days

July is off to a busy start and we are sure enjoying it! Michael has been busy with swimming lessons for the past two weeks which has been a welcome change in our schedule as it has been getting out of the house every morning for a bit. He seems like he is having fun and hopefully learning a little bit along the way also. He is in a group class but two kids are no shows so it has just been him and one other kid for the majority of days...pretty cool! 

We had a brave adventure earlier this week where we kept our swimming suits on after lessons, stopped for a happy meal, and then had a picnic at a favorite park and continued swimming. The girls had some time to explore the splash area at the park and they LOVED it! I let them crawl around the sprayers as there was no standing water and they were beside themselves with joy. I tried to get them in the water area but they just wanted to crawl away from me into the water so that didn't last too long. I was definitely sore after this day from bending down to scoop up little babies! 

The first few days of swimming lessons were very cool followed the hottest days of the summer so far. Iowa weather never ceases to amaze me! The girls have done so well with keeping entertained during Michael's lessons- usually they drink their bottle and watch the kids splashing around. The first day I brought my book thinking I could really relax for a bit- ha, wishful thinking!! So usually I drink my coffee, watch Michael, and play with the girls. We've been working on waving, clapping our hands, and playing their favorite game of dropping a toy and grabbing it back from mommy. Their little smiles are so sweet. Overall it has been a good experience. 

Our back patio gets nice shade in the afternoon so we've spent some time out there as well. My parents got this cute playhouse for the girls and they LOVE IT!! They can entertain themselves for quite a while by scooting around in there, peeking out all the windows, watching Michael and trying to eat the pretend food. I would have never thought of this idea so we are so thankful for my parent's foresight. The girls are contained but can still play and that is perfect for them at this age!

I love these photos of Michael! He was having fun making big splashes in his little pool and playing with a ball. It made for some good energy busting activity! 

And finally, my stargazers are in bloom. I've been waiting for them and then just this week they all popped open. Even more lovely than the way they look is the way they SMELL! If only the internet had smell-o-vision, right? I will have to clip a few of these to bring inside and enjoy all day. 

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  1. The girls are getting so big!! Love the pool pics!


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