Monday, July 13, 2015

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend! I was happy it actually fell on a weekend this year as it is hard to do stuff when it lands in the middle of the week. I am taking a break from playing in the municipal band this summer and since I did not have to play at that annual 4th of July concert we figured we better seize the day and head out of town for the weekend. We headed south to Scott's parents for a visit which included seeing his brother's family as well and a slight detour further south to visit a friend and her new baby! 

Here we are! 

Scott missed the patriotic message and then the next day he wore a Captain America shirt...yes, red white and blue. Yeesh! :o) We still love you, honey! 

Our friends we were visiting live about 5 hours from us but only about an hour and half from Scott's parents so we left the kids with his parents and headed down for a quick visit. Baby Charlotte was born this spring and we just had no had a chance to see her yet and wasn't sure when we'd get a chance again this summer so I'm glad we made the trip. It was especially nice driving with just Scott and no kids in the car...we stopped for coffee and breakfast pizza and enjoyed the scenery of southwest Iowa. It was really fun just talking and listening to music on the drive. 

Our visit was short but it was so fun to catch up and snuggle a tiny baby! I have really been living under a rock since my girls were born and it felt good to reconnect again. It was a fun morning and we even stopped at BWW's for lunch on the way home. 

When we got back to Scott's parents, we loaded everyone up and headed in to town for a parade, BBQ and then a concert and fireworks. 

My niece is doing marching band this fall (she's also in orchestra) and it was SO neat to see her in the parade (in the sunglasses) I am proud of her for trying something new and I hope that band provides as many great experiences for her as it did for me in my youth. 

We then headed to Scott's brother's house for a BBQ which was nice to see everyone and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. The girls lately have taken to begging for food as you can see from the next two photos. They are beginning to understand what goes on and they want a part of it!! 

"Mommy, can't you see this cute little baby here begging for a bite of your ice cream bar? hello? I'm right here, just put it in my chubby little fingers!"

The evening concluded with a concert on the river by the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra (with Scott's mom playing) and then fireworks. There were tons of people waiting for the fireworks to start all around the park but only a small crowd at the made me sad. It was a great concert and the director certainly programmed some hits- my favorite being a James Horner medley and also a Frozen medley. 

Overall it was a great weekend and we're glad we got the chance to visit some family and friends along the way. Bring on the 2nd half of summer! 

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