Saturday, August 1, 2015


August is here! I woke up this morning and said, "shoot! It's August 1st?" I meant to get my insta wrap up while the month of July was still here but oh well, I guess that is life. We are full on to school countdown now with the girls starting daycare in 17 days, me starting school in 19 days and Michael starting in 31 days (lucky!). This is it for the last of summer! 

July has been busy! Here's what we've been up to on instagram!

Super Hero party at the library! This was a cute party for kids which featured a superhero obstacle course, celebrity super heroes, and make your own costume. It was cute and a good way to get out of the house for the morning! 

We've also been spending lots of time just playing at home and settling in to our routine. The girls are so cute to watch play so they keep us plenty busy. 

Twice as cute in the grocery cart! We usually get the most comments when we are at the store...I think it is something about how cute and little they look in the front of the cart. We snuck out to this HyVee while Michael was at VBS. I heard this store had double carts and it was very helpful-not every store does and it makes a difference! 

Michael did a great job at VBS this year and I was so proud of him for being such a big guy every day. We were so excited to get a CD of all the bible school songs so now we can listen to them all the time! 

Up early with the sun! Good thing the girls have such nice smiles at six a.m. 

Lunch Bunch! We're finally in the groove of feeding the girls two or three meals a day. Usually at lunch time I choose foods that are the least messy so I can just wipe them off afterwards. Clean up time after twins is no joke! Mealtime is also nice because they will stay in the chairs for a little bit so I can get a few things done like empty the dishwasher without little hands getting in the way. 

We've been trying to visit the farmer's market in Johnston each week and I splurged on a nice bouquet of flowers. The lady said she sells them for $10 at the downtown market but only for $6 at the Johnston one! Win! 

We had a fun trip to the zoo on a Saturday morning with Scott this month. We went early and had a nice few hours of cool weather with light crowds. Michael was happy Scott was along because we could do fun things like the carousel and train which we can't do by ourselves because of the babies. I am happy we renewed our membership this summer! 

Michael also had his Bam-Bam baseball season this month. He did a great job playing and was a great slugger and thrower. He was a little unfocused while fielding and waiting to bat but I guess it can get a little boring at times. I think we can transition to real t-ball next summer- he seems to like it and does a good job!

Boating has been going well in July as well. We've put it in several times and even taken some friends out which has been fun to have company. I've had a streak of bad runs on the wakeboard but the last time we went out I think I had my best run ever- so fun! We've been loving the warm water and beautiful sunsets on the water. 

I've been wanting to try to take the kids to a drive in movie since I thought the girls would sleep and we could all enjoy the double feature. So when I saw Minions and Jurassic World advertised we made a go for it. It was a busy, busy night and we didn't get to park by our friends but it worked out well in the end. The girls fell asleep and we all enjoyed Minions. We let Michael watch the beginning of Jurassic World and he loved it. It was a win-win! Hopefully we can sneak back again before summer is over. 

I think that's it for us! I hope you all had a great July as well! 

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