Thursday, July 9, 2015

Double Trouble

Here are some peeks at our normal days at home together...enjoy!



I love to catch them playing nicely together!

We love looking at touchy feely books together! Thankfully I have a pretty nice collection since Michael loved them too and I'm glad the girls get some use out of them. I haven't quite mastered the reading to two babies at once- usually one is off doing something else while the other is paying attention. Then they switch! 

Wondering if this book will taste good...

I love the girls in these denim rompers but haven't gotten a good picture of them yet! They are busy and just getting them in the same frame is a win in my book! :o) 

Everything is so much fun- especially trying to help me with my chores. I am never lonely with my two little puppy dogs always at my ankles, trying to pull up on my pant legs. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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