Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Happy July! Wow! June has gone by in a whirlwind. We haven't necessarily been busy but we have been trying to get out of the house most days and do something fun. I always feel a twinge of sadness when the calendar flips over to means for us teachers that summer is about half over. However, we still have over a month left of time together and Michael has TWO months until he starts school since he doesn't go back until August 31st. So that makes me feel better. :o) 

Here's what we've been up to this month via my instagram feed. 

Library Time
Michael has been going to storytime at the library this month and it gives the girls and I a chance to read the board books and pick out new books for the week. They are just so cute and love exploring a new environment.We've also been meeting up with a friend at the library- it is so nice to be able to connect once a week at least for a little bit. 

Backyard Adventures

A group of friends and I have been trying to get our kids together each week for a playdate and to see each other a bit. The second week in June was rainy so we headed to Backyard Adventures for the morning and the kids had a blast. I loved seeing Michael run around and be happy! 


We bought a zoo pass on our first trip of the summer so we headed back there again the second week in June. It was a drizzly and cool morning but it was nice as there weren't a lot of people around. I actually saw the lion standing up and walking around- I've never seen that before! 

Sick Baby

We had our first sick baby of the summer. Poor Brynn had an ear infection the first week of June but luckily it cleared up with a round of antibiotics. She was so sad and never wanted to lay down to sleep so we knew something was up. She only wanted to sleep while being held and it was nice to enjoy the baby snuggles!


We enjoyed the Grimes Governor's Day parade with friends and the next week we joined Scott in walking in the Johnston Green Days Parade. Michael thought it was an absolute blast to throw candy and to wave at people. I pushed the girls and had fun listening to everyone say how cute the baby twins were. It was actually a really nice day and I was happy we could help Scott out. I'm sure Michael has himself booked for the gig for the indefinite future!

Michael's View

Lately Michael has been wanting me to take pictures and videos of the things he builds with his legos so I let him use my camera for himself. The collage is what resulted from his point of view- pretty cute, I think!

Monkey Bars Champ

Michael finally conquered the monkey bars! 

Dean Park 

We met friends at this fun park in Ankeny for our weekly playdate and Michael had so much fun. I'd never been to it before...such a nice surprise!

 Union Park

We made the trip over the Union Park to meet Michael's daycare class for a morning of fun. The girls had fun crawling around in the sprinkles and Michael had fun playing with his classmates. We took a little picnic and enjoyed a carousel ride although Michael had to ride by himself so I could sit with the girls. 

Jurassic Quest

My friend invited us to attend Jurassic Quest, and interactive dinosaur experience, with her and we had a fun time. I was mostly excited to see the model of the gigantasaurus which was featured in an IMAX movie Michael and I watched. The boys had fun and it was so generous of my friend to take us! 

Other than those adventures, we've been having fun at home and trying to get a little bit of work done in between. The girls love exploring every little thing they can and pulling up anything. Michael has been plugging away at reviewing his letters and sounds and we've enjoyed getting a big bag of books each week to read through from the library. I finally convinced him to start a new chapter book and we are about halfway through the Tale of Desperaux...he loves it and it is fun for the reader, too. I'm excited to finish it so we can watch the movie. 

That's it for us- bring on July! I hope you all had a nice June as well! :o)  

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