Friday, July 24, 2015

10 months

Anna & Brynn are 10 months old this month! Double digits! 

If I had one word to describe them it would be: busy! They are always on the move and always curious to what is going on around them. 

The girls are pros at pulling up and standing on their own. They have started cruising along furniture and will walk while pushing a toy or little chair. They think they are pretty big stuff! Anna has discovered bouncing on her bed and on Michael's little trampoline (sitting down, of course) while Brynn loves to climb her little feet on anything she can. 

The girls are full of vocalizations and chat the day away. They are making lots of different sounds: mamamama,  dadad, Ahnahnahn (I think trying to say Anna), baa, plus other gurples and squeals. I've been trying to test them to see if they respond to their own name but usually they both respond to either and the most popular response is to "sister". 

They are getting better at eating and I'm trying to feed them a variety of foods. This week their favorite is Cheerios, mostly because our pantry is bare after a forgetful trip to the store this week! They love all sorts of fruits, meat, meat, cheese and crackers.  Drinking out of a sippy cup is coming along also-we are trying to get prepared to be big girls when we head to daycare in a month! 





Brynn- stinker face!

We still are getting lots of comments when we take the girls out. Scott visited the farmers market with me and he said something about why so many random people stopped to talk to the girls....uh, yeah! That happens all the time! It's cute and I don't mind it as I'm glad the girls are bringing some joy to people's days. 

The girls have a lot of personality and it is fun to see them interact with each other. They love to always be where the other one is and love stealing each others toys and binkies. I can also see that two heads are better than one when thinking of naughty ideas! I love to peek in on them in the morning when they are both standing at the end of their beds, chatting and playing games with each other like throwing toys from crib to crib. 

No smiles, but at least both sitting by each other and looking at the camera! It's harder than you would think! 

We can't believe one is right around the corner. Their first magical year of life is flying by!

 We love you, Anna & Brynn! 

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  1. they are just too cute! I bet a lot of the comments come your way because you dress them alike in such adorable outfits-- twins are hard enough to resist, but cute twins in matching outfits with bows is just too much! What little sweeties, thanks for sharing them with us! -Lindsay Hovden


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