Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Friends Weekend

We had our annual summer friends weekend this past weekend and it was so great to see everyone. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate here in Iowa and all of my nicely laid plans were swept awry. 

I am obviously a control freak by nature and so I struggled with things not going according to plan. I had lots of things planned to spread out the fun instead of just hanging around our house and ultimately we ended up just hanging around our house. I feel very fortunate that we have a beautiful home to share and people like coming over but it ended up being a lot of work for this pregnant mama. In the future...a cleaning lady is in order! I already have one I am calling before my shower weekend in a few weeks. Hopefully I can justify keeping her indefinitely! 

It ended up being pretty nice on Saturday morning and so the girls (the guys were golfing) loaded up the kids and headed to a park in town for some fun. It was nice to get outside for a while since we knew storms were coming that night. The kids all played well together and I think Michael made some new friends with the girls that stayed with us. He keeps asking me when they are coming back and if they can come to his birthday party. It makes me so happy to see him get along so well with others! 

I know I complained about lugging my big camera out to places in my last post but I was really happy I took it with us. The splash park was a good background for photos and I love the kids bright suits and expressions! I was even like, "Oh hey, I remember that this is fun!!". Since then I've also done a family session and I feel like I am getting my photography mojo back again...just in time to meet sweet baby girls soon! 

It was a fun weekend and thank you friends for joining us! We'll do it again for sure next summer although I can't guarantee having as much space in our house as we do now! :o)

Have a great week!  

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