Monday, July 7, 2014

Our 4th

We had a great 4th of July Holiday! It seems like a small holiday to record what we did but Scott and I had a conversation that consisted of, "What did we do last year? No, that was the year before? Was that the year we did this?" I figure I might as well jot it down so I can look back and see what we actually did through the years! 

My parents came and spent the day hanging out with us and Michael while Scott used the nice weather to mow the lawn in the morning. We had a big breakfast and then a big lunch of brats and salads and I kid you not- I was not hungry for the next two days. It was a nice cool day out and we had fun just being together as a family. 

My parents left in the late afternoon and Scott, Michael and I headed up to Boone for my 4th of July Municipal Band Concert. It was a really fun concert to play in and the audience loved every single song we played- it was really cute. My favorite was, of course, the tribute to Veterans which is fun to play but also so uplifting to see the veterans stand and be honored by the crowd. There were four WWII vets at the concert that night! I know it is a big deal to them and I am happy we could honor them with our music. 

I love the community I teach in but this will probably be the last concert Michael attends due to the naughty kids that were at the playground during the concert. It just makes me sick to my stomach to see the way some kids act and I wish I wasn't busy, you know, performing in a concert so I could tell them how they should be acting. I was up all night sick about it but that is that. I have to keep my kid safe no matter what. 

After the concert (and a loooong wait at DQ for ice cream) we met up with friends and caught the fireworks show in town. I geeked out and brought my tripod and remote with me so I could try and capture some fireworks. I had never done it before and it was fun to get some good shots! I had it on a 1.5 second exposure so it was really hit or miss to see what I could grab- might have been better if the fireworks were coming a little faster (I get it, it's no Disney World fireworks!). 

We had been up late the night before at a neighbor's BBQ and shooting off fireworks and then added another late night on top of it with the 4th of July so needless to say...we spent the next day sleeping in and resting pretty much all day. It was so nice to have the holiday fall on a weekend so we could have lots of time to get things done afterwards around the house and yard! 

I hope you had a great holiday! 

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