Thursday, July 17, 2014

37 weeks and 8 to go....

At my last appointment the doctor told me I was measuring 37 weeks...almost as big as a full term single pregnancy! However, I am only 29 weeks along this week so I still have a long 8 weeks to go until my actual 37 week delivery date in early September. 

I am having a variety of feelings on this pregnancy...the first that I am just incredibly blessed, of course. It is very different to be pregnant with two babies and I already can feel their little personalities starting to develop in there. I will never let go of how incredible blessed I am but at the same time, it is hard being pregnant with twins. I keep thinking that if I were really 37 weeks along, I would be okay with the pain when walking and shortness of breath, knowing that delivery was just a few short weeks away. However, knowing that I have hopefully 8 weeks left makes it a totally different ball game. That is a long time! 

Overall, I am trying to stay positive and I think I do generally feel pretty good. I try and count my blessings that I am not on bed rest and can drive myself to where I need to go and still run small errands like getting groceries and working in the yard a little bit. I do notice that it takes me longer to recover from a busy weekend- instead of being able to bounce back it takes me a few days to have my energy level back again. I am having very bad hip pain that makes it hard to walk far but it is usually better in the morning or after a rest in the afternoon. I also have constant, burning heartburn but if I take Zantac daily it seems to be better. I also am just downright exhausted, all the time. Plus I have a hard time falling and staying asleep at night. Just getting me ready for twins, right? 

I'm looking forward to my baby shower this weekend and getting our nursery set up while Michael is away at my parents next week. I am hoping it will make it all seem more real. I have not even bought a single item of girl clothing yet and I have been struggling on making a decision for new curtains and crib skirts for the nursery. It just seems like it was a lifetime ago that I had a new baby in my house and all this seems surreal to me. I am also looking forward to hopefully feeling physically better after delivering the girls....extreme exhaustion and c-section recovery aside, of course. I just pray that things will continue to go smoothly and they will continue to cook as long as they can. At my last appointment both girls had grown 10 oz. in two weeks bringing them up to 2 lb 15 oz and 2 lb 8 oz. --growing well but they still have a lot to do!! 

We attempted to take a "nice" family photo at Scott's parents 50th wedding anniversary this past weekend and you can see we did not succeed! Michael was being very silly but at least it is an accurate representation of the way he is these days and you all can get a good look at my huge belly! :o) You're welcome. 


  1. You are brave. You are strong. Your body, while it may not feel like it most of the time, was made for this. But mostly you are brave. Have courage.

  2. I kept re-reading the title to see if I was reading that incorrectly. You look beautiful and I hope you're feeling okay (I HATE heartburn and used to laugh whenever someone would try to tell me to use Tums. ha!

  3. Thank you for the update, Rose! Glad to hear the babies are growing and looking great. Yes, you are truly blessed to be experiencing this pregnancy, and it is also understood and okay that you are exhausted and overwhelmed - it doesn't lessen the goodness. I really can't imagine the additional strain on a body with a twin pregnancy - it sounds very tiring. The heartburn does not sound fun either! Yay for a belly shot -- you look so cute : ) love it and your outfit!


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