Friday, July 18, 2014


Happy Friday, friends!

This has been one of those "holy crap, where has time gone??" weeks! We had my inlaw's big 50th anniversary party last weekend and this weekend is my shower and in between was Michael's week at vacation bible school plus recovery from the weekend and gearing up for the next (plus ready-ing my house for lots of guests). Whew! I will gladly take it as each week means another week checked off of this pregnancy and that my baby girls are safely growing. 

A friend invited us for a park playdate and it was so fun! It is great to catch up with friends and commiserate about our weird husbands that grew up in South Dakota. :o) I'm happy that our boys get along so well and had a fun time! Plus, hurray for 70 degree temps all week which make going outside bearable! 

Michael finished his first week of bible school ever and it just made my heart soar. He had a great time and was happy going every day. It was so cute to hear him retell the stories he learned about and sing snippets of the songs for me. I am so proud of him! 

My plants...slowly taking over my deck! I love it! 
Can you spy the dragonfly we saw while eating supper? 

Cool mornings this week meant I got outside to do a little watering and weeding. It is funny catch a glimpse of my big belly in a reflection- always surprises me! 

My wild and crazy perennial garden that I love! So many fun color layers. 

We had a family pool day at my inlaw's 50th anniversary weekend and it was really fun! I love this photo of Michael and his aunt Susan going down the slide! I enjoyed cooling off by floating in the water a little bit and chatting with my sister in law in the shade. It was a really fun day!

I've started to make one freezer recipe a week to stock my deep freeze. I try and triple a recipe and then I make two full size and two half size (one to eat for that night). So far it seems to work out well and it less overwhelming than trying to do several different meals at once. So far I've made chicken and rice casserole and Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti. They were both pretty similar in that creamy, chicken sort of way so I think I need do something with hamburger or mexican next week. I've also noticed that the half size pans are actually better since it takes us two meals to finish it so that is a good way to stretch freezer meals even further if you are a small family (Michael basically never eats anything we cook at home). I will do a roundup post of all my recipes sometime so they are in once place but I am definitely planning on doing breakfast burritos again, muffins, chili and enchiladas (same as a did last pregnancy). We will also do a zombie-apocalypse-type run of toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and frozen pizza sometime in the near future just in case it is impossible for us to ever leave our house again. :o) 

Have I mentioned we are growing pumpkins? I have fantasies of my front stoop overflowing with tons of pumpkins that I grew in my own garden. So far Michael thinks it is fun to watch them grow and they are growing pretty fast! We planted the seeds pretty late so hopefully we have some pumpkins by fall. 

Have a great weekend! 

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