Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary this week on the 29th! 

Some times it seems like yesterday when we got married, other days it seems like light years ago. I feel like we have both done a lot of growing up as individuals and also in our relationship in that time. Lucky for us, not much as changed...still the same job for Scott, same career and school for me as when we got started (after a little break) and we are still living in the same house we were building that summer. We are even driving the same car! The same one that drove us off after the church, brought two babies home from the hospital, will be bringing two MORE babies home hopefully soon and then will take Michael off to college (by then it will be over 20 years old!). 

Our anniversary is always a time of reflection for me. I think often about the vows "for better or for worse" and how you say them when you are so young and naive and never really believe that you will ever go through any "for worses". Scott and I sure have weathered some storms that were for the worse and we are still together, standing strong. It is definitely not easy but worth it when the "for betters" come around. I owe a lot of it to my husband who has put up with my crazy and demonstrated his love for me in many ways- especially ones like cleaning up my cat's poop on a daily basis, always making sure the garbage gets taken out on the right days, and not rolling his eyes at my Disney vacation requests. 

We celebrated last week when Michael was at my parents house with a nice dinner out and a stop at the new Lush store in the mall for some new bath products for me. We are gearing up for our next big adventure in marriage and parenthood with twins and are so excited for our two new "for betters"!! 


  1. Happy Anniversary, Scott and Rose! You are such a beautiful example of what it truly means to live out the 'for better or worse' with unconditional love and grace! *hugs!*

  2. happy anniversary, rose and scott! your words are powerful, and i'm glad you do take the time to reflect and honor the difficulty you've endured and celebrate your life together (as individuals and as a couple - so important!).


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