Friday, June 27, 2014


Happy Friday! Wow, I can't believe how fast these weeks and this summer is going by. I feel like I have been keeping very busy but yet have so much to do on my never ending list- eek! I am hoping July will be a super productive month all around. 

I finally got around to organizing my pantry! I love having a large pantry but it is also a curse because I get so lazy about just throwing stuff in there and shutting the door. It is nice to have a countertop that is hidden away because I hate it when things clutter up my countertop! Most of the cleaning in the pantry just consists of putting things back where they need to go- under the cabinets or on the shelves and consolidating food items. 

I celebrated the marriage of a friend from my church small group this past weekend. It was beautiful and right by our house at Jester Park! It was such a happy day for her- to know that all the times we prayed for her to find someone to spend her life with that God was listening and now she is ready to begin her new adventure! We will miss her but are so happy to see what blessings await her in her new life. 

Baby Update!

I should start doing a weekly update post but I never feel like I have anything more to say than a blurb. This week I had to take my three hour glucose tolerance test at the hospital lab. This is the second time I've taken it as I passed before when I was only about 13 weeks along. The 3 hour test is soooo terrible and I dreaded it for days. I haven't heard anything yet so I am hoping that no news means good news (my office policy) but still keeping my fingers crossed. Here are some things that I thought helped survive the test:

-eat lots of protein the meal before your fast, and eat right up to the fasting time. I was taking my test at 7:30, so I had a late dinner of a big pork chop and some other protein and made sure I was full since I wouldn't be eating until almost 11 a.m. the next day.
-drink a ton of water! I felt like I was really dehydrated last time so I drank a ton the night before.
-bring a ipad and headphones and your favorite show. I am re-watching all of Mad me some Don Draper!
-dress in layers. When I start to not feel well (like during the 3 hour test), I get sweaty so this time I wore a sweater I could take off with a tank top underneath.
-bring a pillow. You will do lots of waiting around (3 hours to be exact) and it is good to be comfortable. 
-I also ate a quick meal at the hospital cafeteria right afterwards before leaving so I didn't have to drive home feeling woozy and I think that helped.

I felt much better this time (last time I threw up afterwards and was in bed all day felt like I got hit by a bus). I only had a headache and had enough energy to get some things done around the house. It is only a three hour test but it really takes the whole day! I hope this is the last time I have to do it!

Other than that, I've been feeling good. The babies are all up in my ribcage which is something new for me and makes it hard to sit or lay down comfortably but I am feeling very blessed to know that they are busy and active in there and growing well. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday to check growth so I will keep you updated!

Michael and I took an adventure to Union Park this week and had a fun time. He had fun playing on the rocket ship and in the wading pool while I watched from the comfort of a shady tree. We took a picnic lunch, rode the carousel, and had a nice little afternoon out the house!

It rained all day yesterday! I pulled my pots out to get some water and thought I would take a photo of my genius idea. 

And finally, I spent some time at school getting my little marching band songs ready for the fall. It takes a long time to cut them into small size and I wish I had an assistant! Luckily (??) I do have my own paper cutter just for myself in my office so that is pretty sweet. Every time I go in I realize all the things I have left to do so I think I am going in next week for a whole day- 8 hours plus not leaving until I feel accomplished. I have a hard time getting started on school stuff over break but once I get rolling I am very productive. Lots to do! Only about 11 weeks or less until the girls arrive! 

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Sounds like a relaxing and productive summer so far. I was just thinking of you today and wondering if the babies' movement felt a lot different than one baby? I'll have to show Tom your pantry pics because he thinks we have too much in ours ... isn't that the point LOL : )


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