Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy June!

Happy June! 

Wow, I can't believe a new month has started feels like we were just beginning the month of May! I hope that the time continues to fly by and we are soon at the beginning of September so we can meet our baby girls! 

I have been enjoying the slower pace of summer break and especially being home with Michael more. He is fun to have in the house with me and is good company! 

He is an especially good helper (like making strawberry shortcakes-with an extra big scoop for himself!)


 I've been up to school to work for a few hours this week but when I went back yesterday they were doing my floors so I might take a break next week and just work at home. I feel like I am making a dent in my to do list but each thing crossed off seems to create two or three more bullets on the list. At least it is getting my brain going by thinking about all that needs to be prepared for a semester leave. 

We had another good ultrasound appointment this week and the girls are growing well with each other- only showing an 8% discordance in weight which is pretty good for twins. They are very busy girls (feeling lots of kicks!) and it is fun to see them on the ultrasound screen! I am about 23 weeks along and will continued to be monitored at the perinatal center to keep an eye on growth although they told me to keep doing whatever I'm doing- which at the moment is lots of resting on the sofa (and daily naps!). 

I celebrated with a stop at a local coffee shop that I don't get to very often because of its downtown location but now I have an excuse to stop there since the perinatologist office is also downtown! 

My most favorite part of being home with Michael is just listening to him chatter or sing away while he is playing and I am doing housework. He is very good at entertaining himself and I try to encourage it....usually if I get him started on something he will do a good job playing for a while. 

We also had a session of swimming lessons at Clive Aquatic Center this week and Michael passed the preschool level! It was fun to see him progress through the skills in just a few days and it was a good experience to have private lessons. It was more expensive than a class but I didn't have to worry about him not listening when other kids were around or thinking he was there for playtime (which sometimes happens with my friendly boy!). I think I might register him for a class later in the summer to reinforce the skills he learned since it was a good way to get to get out of the house and to the pool! 

Michael also had his first night of bam-bam baseball (like wiffle tball) last night. He did so great and we were very proud of him! He was a good listener and was very friendly to his teammates. Scott and I have been practicing with him at home and I hope that he inherits his father's natural coordination and love for sports (and not his mothers poor hand-eye coordination and indifference towards participation!). We are playing in Grimes for the month of June and then might sign up in Granger for the month of July if he wants to keep playing and I feel up to it. I will have to take my real camera next time- I felt out of place in the mamarazzi that was out in full force at their little practice! :o)

Have a great weekend! 

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