Friday, June 13, 2014


Happy Friday!

We have been loving summer over here and I just love how relaxed and carefree I feel. I am resting plenty but also doing some fun things with Michael. Unfortunately, I am not making very good headway on all the work I need to do at school. I am someone who thrives on structure and schedule and when I don't have one it is hard to get back into a routine! I will be working on that for a goal next week. 

We celebrated the end of Michael's swimming lessons last week with a fun day at the pool for just me and him- complete with a McDonalds picnic outside beforehand. It was a beautiful day and we stayed for a while at the pool. I can definitely tell he has improved his skills and seems more confident in the water. 

As mentioned in my last post, we were at my grandparents last weekend to celebrate the life of my aunt Karen at her funeral. It was nice to visit my grandparents house for the weekend as I used to spend a week here every summer growing up. It is a part of my childhood and I am happy for those memories! It is nice to know that some things never change. :o) 

I was glad we traveled the 4 hours to see everyone. I knew everyone would like seeing Michael and he was big entertainment for all! He is the only great grandchild on this side of the family so he is pretty special. 

I've been trying to plug away at cleaning out the closet in our guest room which used to house all my boy clothes. I took in some stuff to a local consignment shop and the rest to goodwill. It was fun to go through the clothes again and remember when Michael or Trace wore things but overall I don't feel too attached to anything. I kept some special things but just tried to remind myself that it is impossible to keep everything. I bought lots of Michael's clothes from consignment stores or sales so it is not like I have a ton of money invested in his wardrobe or anything. Plus but the time he was out of baby clothes everything got a lot of wear and use and wasn't in great shape. I am pretty sure I got rid of 15 bins of clothes!! 

Side note for anyone curious, I also saved some blanket sleepers in every size (even if they were boy themed), all the ISU gear, and lots of infant clothes in gender neutral colors- sleeping gowns, swaddle blankets, etc. 

My potted plants have really started growing! I have them all on my back deck and it looks like I may have gone slightly overboard this year. It does make me immensely happy and I like having them by my back door so I can water them regularly. I also did the pinterest diaper in the potting soil trick and while I was skeptical at first, I do think it helps retain moisture. Some of these might be moved to the lower patio soon but for right now I am loving all the pots in once place! 

We have had a beautiful week of weather here in Iowa- in the 70s every day and cool at night. It has been absolutely perfect and I love being able to go outside without being too hot. I know it won't last so we've been trying to soak it up as much as we can!

Have a great week!

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  1. What a fun pool!!! My kiddos would love that. And, it looks beautiful there, love all the green.


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