Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Disney Book 2014

I finally bit the bullet and got my Disney Shutterfly book finished and ordered! 

I really liked the way my book turned out last year and so I wanted to do something similar (in the photo, last years is on the left, this years on the right). I chose a hard cover, 12x12 book with about 55 pages from shutterfly. I am very pleased with the quality! 

The back, featuring outtakes or photos that didn't fit on any other pages...I like the collage look! 

I never used to like the 12x12 books because I felt like they were too big but now I really like them after ordering Trace's memory book in this size. My traditional scrapbooks are 12x12 size and this way they all fit on the shelf nicely together so I don't think I will go back to the smaller sizes unless it is a just for fun book or something. I also like the bigger book size because you can put a very large photo on the page (almost an 8x10 size!) that would be hard to do if you were traditionally scrapbooking. 

I used almost all of our memory maker photos in the book- so nice to see myself in photos! I may not look the best (I was about 15 weeks pregnant with twins during our trip) but at least there will be some evidence of me looking happy, young, and having a good time with my family. 

I think it is important to document special times like vacations because it tells the story of our family. I am definitely the family historian and even though sometimes I feel like it is ridiculous, I know that if I don't do it no one else will. In this digital day in age (and who knows what the future will hold!) I still think it is important to have big photo albums on the shelf to look through. I love looking back through my scrapbooks because it is like opening the door to the past and it is amazing the things you forget until a photo or a blurb jogs your memory. 

Shutterfly books are very fun to make and they are almost always running a 50% discount (if they are not, make your book and then wait for the discount to order, I get about an email a day with offers). What do you do to record your family's history? 

I think that should be the last Disney update for a while. :o) 


  1. You will be glad you made these keepsakes -- wonderful memories for your family and visitors! I'm happy *you* were in some, too! I think I like Michael's Jedi training the best : ) I make a Shutterfly book each year and Tom said it's his favorite gift!

  2. If there's "one" thing (and let's be honest, there's more than "one" thing) that I'm jealous of in your life, it's your commitment to actually "making" your photo scrapbooks. Well done. Maybe my new goal will be to get Lu's done before baby #2 arrives ...


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