Saturday, May 31, 2014


Happy Summer! It is officially summer break for me as our last day of school was Wednesday! Hurray! 

I still have lots of work to do at school over the next few weeks to get ready for leave but I am still fully in summer mode- complete with ice cream cones (with tons of sprinkles and eye balls, per Michael's request) and hot dogs on the deck. 

I've also started operation get ready for twins which is starting off by getting rid of all my little boy clothes from the closet downstairs so we can move Michael's things down there for his new room. I have everything sorted and I am trying to be realistic about what I will really use again and it is not much. It just takes up so much room and I mostly just need it out of the house in the easiest way possible. I took a load of summer clothes and my old stroller/carseat to a local consignment shop and I will probably go back next week with a load of winter stuff. Then we can start bringing the baby stuff upstairs and Michael's stuff downstairs. I think this will be the hardest part of getting ready and we can save the room decorating for later- I mostly just want to get stuff where it needs to go and get the baby closet emptied so we can start focusing on stockpiling the necessities- like diapers!

Getting ready for babies is my big focus this summer (and of course, taking care of myself with lots of rest and water!) but I am also looking forward to enjoying my home and yard for the summer. 

Happy Summer! 


  1. I love that you are getting ready for "babies" instead of just "baby"-- twins will be awesome! -lh

  2. I'm glad you have the summer to rest (and rest), spend time with hobbies and prepare for babies! Exciting times. We like that ice cream place, too ... you should try Cactus Bob's next door! Have a great week, Rose.

  3. I'm perpetually envious of teachers and their summers off. You needn't lecture about all the hard work you do during those other 9 months, but summer bucket lists make me green with envy! That being said, I hope you make a fantastic bucket list for you and Michael to work on :) We're waiting with baited breath to hear more about these upcoming twin GIRLIES!!

  4. Love the ice cream pic. :) I can't wait to read all about the baby girls! How exciting...happy summer!!


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