Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hi friends! We've had another great week here at our house. It is so nice being home every day and I loved how relaxed things are. However, I have been struggling with trying to wrap my head around some huge tasks (like...getting my house ready for a full slew of company, getting school things checked off, getting ready for baby, keeping track of appointments every week) so I made my own planner on a old notebook. I usually don't keep a paper planner because I have a zillion calendars at school but it gets harder once my schedule is more free in the summer. 

The good news is that it is helping a lot! I broke down the tasks into steps I need to do every day and it helps to see the whole week at a glance so I can keep my wits about me when I see what is coming up. Maybe that is weird, but it is really helping me keep things straight and out of my head. I really want to buy a new Erin Condren planner  but can't decide if I can justify a personal one for use all the time (especially at the high price tag!). They sure are cute! 

Did you know Princess Kate is having twin girls, too? I really wish I knew what she was naming them so I could steal her names...we are struggling big time with finding names we like and think will fit the bill. It is a big task to think of two first and two middle names! 

We had a great weekend last weekend! We went and saw How to Train your Dragon 2 and XMen at the drive in theater and it was a beautiful night. We picked up some pizzas, rigged up this week back of the SUV bed with an air mattress, and had fun meeting friends. Last time it felt like we waited forever but this time it seemed to fly by! Our friends left after the first movie so we all cuddled in the back for the second movie where we all promptly fell asleep. It was so cozy! I forced myself to wake up and drive us back home otherwise I feared we would still be snoozing there hours later--does that even happen at drive in movies??

Michael also had fun a local town parade and carnival. We were at the beginning of the parade route and he got SO much candy! It was ridiculous. They had this little carnival which was a huge rip off but worth it to see Michael have so much fun. Note to self- next year go on wristband day! 

And finally, we had a fantastic Father's day. Scott and Michael did a few hours of golfing in the morning and then we grabbed a Subway picnic and headed to nearby Big Creek park for supper, playing on the playground and beach time. It was a beautiful day and I'm glad we could spend it together as a family.

Hope you had a great week, too! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Uh, yeah - carnival, huge rip-of! It was $8 for Lance and Lu to ride the ferris wheel. Talk about sticker shock. I saw Scott in the parade and he sort of tried to indicate where you guys were at. I looked for you a bit afterwards, but between the heat and riding my bike w/ Lucan I was beat. My pregnant self is making Lance haul Lu next time in the bike trailer.


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