Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Recap

Hi Friends! Please do not get your hopes up on the misleading title of this post...yes, this is a spring break recap but no, we did not do anything exciting. I set off the week with big expectations that I would document all our fun things with photos but we really kept things low key at home with lots of rest- which is just what I needed to gear up for the final weeks of school. 

As you can tell by the multiple pairs of pajamas featured in the post you can get the drift of what we excelled at...staying in our pjs all day! 

It was nice to be home with Michael during the day and play his silly games with him or listen to him talk to himself as I was doing housework. Those are such sweet little, fleeting moments. 

"I'm Apple Eye!' 

I am not normally a big fan of leaving toys out but we've had our big duplos out in the living room and they get played with almost every day. I like that they are big pieces and it is something Michael can do creatively by himself. He is always thinking up the silliest things to make. 

My muffin making helper in the kitchen. 

My parents came for a visit the last few days of spring break and booked a hotel room downtown for the night. Michael had so much fun swimming in the pool and showed us how good he was at cruising along in his life vest. We all got in the pool and it was a fun way to relax as a family....definitely a good diversion from cool spring days!

So that is it for our spring break...I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did! 

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  1. these are great, rose .... low-key and on the living room floor sounds perfect! thankfully you can still go for Starbucks drive-thru in PJs : )


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