Saturday, March 15, 2014


Happy Spring Break! 

My spring break officially started yesterday and I am already feeling a thousand times more relaxed and de-stressed. It was so nice to have a whole day with nothing planned except playing at the park, meeting dad for lunch, and watching the Cyclones beat the Jayhawks! I love days like that and it reminds me fondly of all the days that Michael and I got to stay home together when I was working part time. It was a precious time for sure and although I love my job at school, I also treasure those days and memories. 

It was a little cool yesterday, but Michael and I still hit up our favorite park for a little bit. It was nice just being outside and getting some fresh air. 

Michael has been making these little nests for years and I still just think it is the cutest thing. I keep trying to put away his huge pile of blankets but somehow he finds more and adds them to his pile. It is a never ending battle in trying to keep his room looking picked up but I guess they are only entertained by blanket nests for so long, right? 

My kind of happy hour- I splurged on a huge cranberry limeade when out running errands last Sunday and it was delish and only $1.17! 

We had a few friends over to watch the Cyclone game last night and we were treated to some awesome Scratch cupcakes! I've never had them before and they were a treat!

And finally, a little bit of school before I totally forget about it for the week-- I always try and get feedback from students on how things are going and sometimes I get a little gem that surprises me. This was a reflection sheet on our small ensembles (duets, quartets) that we took to contest and one student wrote that "Playing with others can be hard".  I think this is so truth, not only in band but in life. 

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Okay - the blanket nesting, totally hear you. Lucan nests and nests and "hides" under mounds of blankets. Everytime I try and put one away or pare it down some, he just finds more!
    And your student is wise. Playing with others doesn't get any easier for adults either.


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