Friday, March 28, 2014


Happy Friday!

This Friday seems extra happy (and a little bit like Christmas morning to me) because Cyclones are playing in the Sweet 16 tonight!!!! 

Wahoo! So exciting! I have been on cloud 9 all week and it so great to hear awesome PR for the Cyclones and for Iowa State University. 

I've been wearing Cyclone stuff all week and it has been fun seeing students around school doing the same and talking about "the game". 

Our awesome coach has also gotten lots of play this week as a video of him doing a post game dance in the locker room went viral. I've watched the #swagberg video no less than 100 times and it always makes me smile. 

In other has been a plain awesome week and that is good because it means we are that much closer to our WDW vacation! 

My parents came last week and took Michael out for a fun day and ended up at a hotel so he could swim. He loved staying downtown so he could see the "golden tower" aka our state capitol building. He remembered everything about our adventure this summer downtown and how we took the trolley ride to the capitol to see it. 

I shared this on instagram, but Michael and I had lots of fun making a fun village for his angry birds and he didn't want to stop playing to go to bed. I told him we could definitely play again in the morning and well...of course, he was up before 6 a.m. the next morning ready to play! Luckily I was up also for early morning rehearsals but it was just cute how I know he wanted to play so badly and I know he was just waiting all night to get up again. Don't you wish you had the same zest for mornings? I know I do!

Have a great weekend! 

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