Friday, March 7, 2014


Happy March! 

Things are busy as usual around here- I have my big solo and ensemble contest this weekend and I will be happy when that is over and we are on the home stretch to spring break. I am very nervous about every new thing I have to do with my new job just because I have a hard time visualizing things that I have never done before- like, what sorts of things can go wrong? What do I anticipate happening? What is the building like? Hopefully this will be the last year for all this worrying as next year I will have a better handle on things. 

We have this little desk set up for Michael and it always amazes me to find his little projects he is working on. He has a little scissors, glue, paper, markers and he just loves to create little things. It is usually a mess but I try to ignore that! :o) There is a little gap in time in the mornings after I leave and before Scott is ready to leave and I think Michael has really creative ways of entertaining himself! 

We are getting so excited for our upcoming Disney trip! It has been a saving grace for me in trying to get through these long, cold days. I'm not sure what I will do next year- I can't take a disney trip every year, right? :o) 

I've been listening to some podcasts to get me excited and in the mood- better than the news or sports talk radio right now. Destination America has also been running some Disney specials (aka, hour long ads) and we watched one with Michael that featured our resort and he is very excited now. We are also, of course, looking forward to visiting my sister who is down there with the Disney College Program and who is getting us all sorts of special treatment! 

We took a field trip at school this week to the ISU indoor football practice facility and also Hilton Coliseum. I thought it was awesome and totally geeked out about it. It was a nice change of pace and I hope the kids liked it too. I kept trying to tell them stories about how I was in men's basketball pep band but they did not think it was cool even though it as probably some of the most fun times I had in college. 

Clone Cone!

And finally a #tbt to my special guy! 
Why do they have to grow up so fast? 

Have a great Friday! 

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