Saturday, March 22, 2014


I've been trying to take some photos of what we've been doing this spring break but honestly, it hasn't been anything very exciting! I have been enjoying just being home, hanging out with Michael and stocking up on enough rest to make it through the last nine weeks of school. I could definitely get used to the schedule I've had the last week but I know it is back to reality soon! 

I am thankful Michael is still my little snuggle bug. He likes to snuggle in with us in the mornings and also if I am resting on the coach or if we watch a show together. I am lucky we picked out a couch so long ago that can accommodate two snugglers at once!

Michael has gotten into making lots of fun lego creations with his duplo blocks. This one is a cat but he also likes to make robots and play with them (bonus points for when their arm or leg breaks off in a battle!). 

The little tease we've gotten of nice weather has been just that- a tease! I am ready for spring to be here for good. I am anxious to spend my time after school cleaning up the yard and planning for summer. It is so nice to be out in the fresh air and think of all the possibilities! 

And finally....March Madness is in full force at our house!! The Cyclones won the big 12 tourney and it was so exciting- something that hasn't happened since Scott was in school (you know, the olden days!). It has been a really fun season and I love the way it feels to win so many games and put away quality opponents. It seems like this is a pretty special club of guys working together as a team with a good coach who thoughtfully and calmly leads them where they need to go.  I am so proud to be a Cyclone! I think no matter what happens in the tourney, this season and players will always have a special place in Cyclone fans' memories! 

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