Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Picking

A few weekends ago (when the weather was still nice!) we made our way to our favorite pumpkin patch (Frey's Farm in Madrid) and picked out some pumpkins. We like Frey's because it is just up the road from our house and there are no frills- just get your pumpkins and go. It is nice because it is small but still fall-ish and beautiful. We usually end up loading up on pumpkins because I love my front steps to be totally fall-ified! 

(is this a total baywatch pose or what?)

(like my pumpkin bokeh?)

Michael and Scott had lots of fun scoping out the best pumpkins to pick. Michael liked to look for the ones that look like they could be a house for a mouse because that happens in one of the fall books we are reading. 

I love this little farm and hope they keep growing pumpkins forever! 


  1. A perfect Bay Watch pose, and lovely bokeh of course!! It sounds like you are really busy at work, so it's nice to have some respite on the weekends. When I worked in a middle school there was one pace ... really fast! Ha! We love Frey's as well ... planned on stopping yesterday but Drew fell asleep : )


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